This blog was originally created when I lived in Columbus on Detroit Ave. I have since left Ohio for Dallas, Texas. Things are different here. This site is still a reflection of me and my point of view. Life changes and so does this blog. It still however focuses on my interests in gardening and the environment, food culture and cooking, camping and the outdoors, knowledge and being self sufficient, art and design, being healthy and fit, pop culture and music, and other interesting things I find online and while stumbling around in the real world.

From 2007-2010 I was a full time Graphic and Package Designer at Anchor Hocking Glass, I also owned my own design company with a couple friends of mine. Now I am a Creative Director for a cosmetic packaging company. I frist started this blog when I was also part of the web-team at Anchor with duties that include creating web content, twittering and blogging for the company.You can see some of my articles that I wrote at http://www.anchorhocking.com/blog/index.html

I used to rent a small two bedroom in the Italian Village neighborhood located near downtown Columbus, Ohio. When I first moved in 2010 I lived in a high rise in downtown Dallas with no patio and no yard. One year after that I moved into a spacious 1,500sq ft loft in a fringe area just a minute walk south of downtown. I miss the small yard from my Detroit ave location that had big aspirations for a bountiful harvest of fruits and veggies and lush flowers and other interesting plants. I still have the worm composting bin and enjoy many of the same urban homesteading interests.

I feel that you need to cultivate your soul. Education and learning is highly important. Part of not doing what you’ve always done to get new results means you need to learn new ways of thinking and doing.  Lately, I have made a real effort in my life to live more heathy, to loose weight, and build strength. In July of 2012 my work moved their office so they were about four miles from my loft. I now commute to work via bicycle everyday.

Tune in for all of the shenanigans. 

Alexander Kwapis

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