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Environmentalist David Brower was once asked, “Why are you conservationists always against things?” He replied, “If you are against something, you are always for something. If you are against a dam, you are for a river.” I’m also a lover of wild rivers. That’s why our company has been involved in trying to take out obsolete and damaging dams since 1993.

— Yvon Chouinard, Founder/Owner, Patagonia

Join in asking President Obama to stand up for rivers by removing obsolete dams across America, starting with four on the lower Snake River in southeastern Washington. These especially harmful, federally operated dams cost taxpayers millions every year, degrade water quality and impede salmon migration to and from the healthiest habitat remaining in the lower 48 states, while providing no flood control and little irrigation.

It’s time they came down.


Sign the DamNation petition at and forward it to a friend. Your signature will be delivered with thousands more to the White House in the coming months.

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Recent press: Patagonia's new line of activism is documentary 'DamNation'

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GOOD BLOG Bjørn Yesterday: Climate Skeptic Reverses Course, or Something


The Danish academic Bjørn Lomborg is infamous as a climate change doubter. In 2001, his book, The Skeptical Environmentalist, catapulted him into the public realm as the guy who thinks climate change isn’t as serious as all that, and we probably can’t do anything cost-effective about it anyway.

In 2004, at an event he organized called the Copenhagen Consensus, a group of economists was asked what global problems should be addressed with a hypothetical budget of $50 billion. They decided that preventing climate change should not be one of the world’s top priorities (instead they suggested work on malnutrition, AIDS, and malaria). As the progenitor of the event, and spokesman for its conclusions, Lomborg got even more heat (heh) from environmental activists.

Since then he’s been the media’s go-to guy for contrarian thinking on climate change, and all-around environmental lightening rod. He’s been vigorously criticized by famous scientists and defended by famous media outlets.

But now he’s pulling an apparent about-face:

In a new book to be published next month, Lomborg will call for tens of billions of dollars a year to be invested in tackling climate change. “Investing $100bn annually would mean that we could essentially resolve the climate change problem by the end of this century,” the book concludes.

Examining eight methods to reduce or stop global warming, Lomborg and his fellow economists recommend pouring money into researching and developing clean energy sources such as wind, wave, solar and nuclear power, and more work on climate engineering ideas such as “cloud whitening” to reflect the sun’s heat back into the outer atmosphere.

In a Guardian interview, he said he would finance investment through a tax on carbon emissions that would also raise $50bn to mitigate the effect of climate change, for example by building better sea defences, and $100bn for global healthcare.

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Dave Mathews Band Tailgate Cleanup

This morning I received an email from Green Columbus. I’ll include the original email below but what I thought was intersting was the volunteer opportunity they mention. On Tuesday, June 22, The Dave Mathews Band is playing in Columbus and they need people to encourage fans to recycle their waste in the tailgate parking lots before the show at Huntington Park. If you can help with this from 3:30 to 7:30 you’ll get a free DMB t-shirt. Interested? Respond to Effect Partners atmykala@effectpartners.comASAP and include 1-2 sentences about why you would like to volunteer. (They ask that you add “DMB Columbus” to the subject line).

I have to say I’m pretty impressed. Sure the venue probably loves the idea because they don’t have to pay someone but besides that I am sure it would reduce the waste that is left in parking lots after a concert. You are getting environmentally conscious and musically inclined individuals together to do a good thing. I’ll have to keep an eye out for more opportunities like this for the future. -AK

Okay so here is the original email.

Green Deeds - Beyond April 22

OK, so you bring your reusable shopping bags to the market and you sport your stainless steel water bottles and thermal coffee mugs. (Awesome!) Maybe you’ve even changed all of your light bulbs over to CFLs and you choose to walk, bike or bus at least some of the time. (Totally awesome!) And every year, on the weekend closest to Earth Day (April 22), you sign up to plant trees or pick up litter, and make the world a little greener. (Rock on!) But what about all those other weekends?

Green Columbus is launching a new opportunity called Green Deeds to enable people to get dirty every month with a variety of environmentally focused service projects followed by a thirst quenching happy hour. The result of partnerships with area organizations in our mutual pursuit of cleaner water and air; greener parks and neighborhoods; and meaner bragging rights about our Green City, the dates for Green Deeds will vary. But they will typically be on a Saturday afternoon and followed by an appropriate “cool down period” at a nearby establishment.

Stay tuned for the announcement of Green Deeds #1 next month! We hope you’ll join us.

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Pig Business

Did you know that forests in the Amazon are being clearcut to grow soy as feed for gigantic pig operations thousands of miles away in Eastern Europe? Did you know that small pig producers in Poland are losing their traditional livelihoods because of the influx of huge U.S. hog corporations? Learn about these critical global links—Order a copy of Pig Business, a compelling documentary, and get the Pig Picture!

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Hosting a Home Screening is an easy and inexpensive way to spread knowledge about what is going on in the pork industry.

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Half of the food produced in the United States is thrown out.
Carolyn Steel

Arms Outstreched

When I was in the BSA I remember being told that we needed to leave our campsites cleaner and more fixed up than the way we found them. I remember plenty of times lining up in a row spread apart with our arms outstretched towards one anothers finger tips and then slowly walking forward scanning the ground looking for trash. I don’t know how many times I had latrine duty or how many mini wooden walkways we would build over puddles so trails don’t widen and sprawl out of control. For all the faults of the organization there are plenty of things that I am happy to have learned. And plenty of things that I learned from actions whose implications were unbeknown to me. You don’t just learn how to tie knots, shot rifles, weave baskets, and walk in parades. Those are the surface things you learn. Looking back it is amazing to me to see all the little things that we used to do and how they have translated over to my everyday life. I am not above stuffing my cargo pocket full of trash that I see while walking through a park and tossing away other peoples litter. I try to always be helpful to always think about others. I can always do better and be better but I try. I have parallel parked cars for strangers and even got into an elderly ladies car and directed her to her lawyers office and then walked back a mile or so to where I was standing right before jumping in the woman’s car. Which was just feet from my own car. I have and want to continue to take serious actions regarding how I use the land that I am on and making sure that I clean it up and fix it up for those who will come after me to use the space. -AK

Aquacalypse Now
The End of FishI saw this article on my cousin Chris’ stumble account. It is an article published in The New Republic. The article is about the industrialization of fisheries and what it is doing to the worlds largest ecosystem.Daniel  Pauly wrote,
Eating a tuna roll at a sushi restaurant should be considered no more  environmentally benign than driving a Hummer or harpooning a manatee.
If you eat fish or not you should check this article out. Its an interesting read. -AK

Aquacalypse Now

The End of Fish
I saw this article on my cousin Chris’ stumble account. It is an article published in The New Republic. The article is about the industrialization of fisheries and what it is doing to the worlds largest ecosystem.

Daniel Pauly wrote,

Eating a tuna roll at a sushi restaurant should be considered no more environmentally benign than driving a Hummer or harpooning a manatee.

If you eat fish or not you should check this article out. Its an interesting read. -AK